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So delightful! Congratulations.


I really enjoyed Cinéfolle 1. It’s a pleasure to hear a personal reaction to a film rather than an academic dissection. The way that recalling a film can evokes memories of the time, place and people from that time in your life is fascinating. I enjoyed your musical choices as well.
I know it’s a lot of hard work but you’ve let the genie out of the bottle now. Not to put undue pressure on you or anything but your Australian fan club is waitingfor episode 2.


Thanks, Aarlene and Graeme. Graeme, Episode 2 will have a Tentative Release Date of Next Week. (I was going to say the 27th of June, but I've got to get the films watched -- I don't like to talk about them unless I've seen them again, and I've been nowhere near the house all week.)

But it will happen. It will. And then I shall set up a more organized schedule for making sure I can get things done.


I wanted to further comment once I thought things over.
So far the earliest movie I can remember seeing is The Man Who Loved Cat Dancing. That is very vague. I was 4 ish and it was at a drive in theater somewhere around Oklahoma City. I remember more the old station wagon with the rough flooring? with all the seats in back folded down, pillows and blankets and large brown paper grocery bag of popcorn. My sister and I would eat all the popcorn, make a couple of trips in our jammies to the restroom then settle down for the night. I never remembered anything at all until I woke up in my own bed the next morning. LOL

Like you I have my favorite movies I watch over and over again. I love seeing things on the big screen but honestly the invention of the dvd is my most favorite thing. I can scrutinize the whole movie, get subtitles, and all that delicious extra, special bonus features! Yay! And I'm a credit watcher. I want to see who did what and where they filmed the movie.

We've got the Blockbuster movie pass but honestly I'm thinking of switching to Netflix cause of their back catalog. Net's got all those old classics, drama, and foreign films. Blockbuster's couple hundred titles, at most, can't hold a candle to 60,000 movies.

Don't get me started on my local theater. There is NOTHING there you'd want to see. Only the top grossing movies. Nothing thought provoking or independent or remotely interesting. blah!


I almost recorded a segment on the first Truffaut DVD I got -- Le Dernier Metro, with one version of the film commentated, it was fascinating!

And I'm a credit watcher, too -- even at home, where you have to squint to see anything.


Oops, it was Little Big Man, not the cat dancing one I saw first. I did see that one too, well as much as I ever 'watched' any of them.

I use the zoom feature for the teeny tiny credits.

I was looking on Imdb to see when the movies I remembered came out. On the year search there are two movies from 1888! wow. I did NOT see those! LOL


Zoom feature? Oh, tech guy! Do we have a zoom feature???

The Other

Umm.. Zoom? Yeah, I believe the DVD player does that.

It may not help with the teensy-tiniest text in the credits, though, due to limitations in the MPEG encoding scheme -- technically speaking it uses a "lossy" compression algorithm which trades off some loss of detail for a smaller file size.

This is what sometimes leads to the visual artifacts you get when watching a DVD, where odd things happen to parts of the image.

Can certainly try it out -- the worst that happens is you still won't be able to make everyone's name out, and if you're lucky maybe you'll be able to make out most or all of the names.

Yr fthfl srvnt,


zydeco fish

I see I have some catching up to do.

zydeco fish

I listened to ep 1 and I am part way through ep 2. I have to confess that I have never seen Bambi (amazing, isn't it?), but I have seen Jean de Florette and Manon des sources!

Philippe Axel

Hi, I discovered this mp3 and be happy to listen one of my song, Le vide. Thank you to use it to open this podcast.I'm very proud of it.

best regards
Philippe Axel

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