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I have to disagree. I don't think you're an idiot. Episode 1 was such a delight. If it's never followed by an episode 2 it will STILL be a delight. Maybe you will never do another one or maybe you will someday. You did introduce me to a wonderful movie I now plan to see.
I say forget about it for now and try to enjoy the Tour. Maybe those shenanigans bummed you out and are influencing everything with a gray pall?

The Other

Hi Aarlene,

Katherine's like many of the "auteurs" she admires, she has angst coming out the... well, you get the picture. As well, she's a bit of a perfectionist (being a bit of one myself, I recognize the symptoms) and gets very frustrated when she stumbles or digresses or Forgets Some Person's Name That She Really Does Know.

However, I can certainly vouch for her being able to talk intelligently about movies, about how they make her feel, what they evoke and so on -- she may not be in Roger Ebert's league, but I'd bet it would be a great conversation to listen in on if they met at a cocktail party!

So, although it will perhaps take a tad longer than originally anticipated to get the second episode recorded and posted -- hey, what movie production ever comes in exactly on-time? -- but I will push, prod, cajole and otherwise play my role as Producer (as well as Sound Engineer, Gaffer, Chief-Cook-And-Bottle-Washer... OK, maybe just Bottle-Washer, since Herself is the acknowledged Chief Cook around here) to ensure Episode 2 sees the light of day.

Time, perhaps, for me to tell her to "Just Shut Up and Talk!" ;)

Yr fthfl srvnt,


PS to Graeme: your email was received -- thanks. Herself is not feeling well & hasn't been reading email for a few days; when she does start again I'm sure she'll send a reply.

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