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HA, I'm sure I detected several instance when you deviated from the script. Have you no self discipline?
Seriously, a wonderful blend of film insights and personal perspectives. A real treat. I look forward to your next episode and I'm prepared to wait for as long as it takes. Meanwhile, I'll hunt down 3 zéros and The Cup. I've seen the other two but will watch them again in light of some of your comments.

We feel your pain. Most Australians were hoping Les Bleus would extract revenge for the way Italy knocked our team out of the cup. Oh well, there's always the Rugby World Cup next year.


Oh oh oh! I'm so excited to see Ep. 2. I had my computer go down, 3rd power supply! and family visiting but I am anticipating listening.


Pain is the word. No, there are no words, except I am truly glad I got this episode recorded beforehand.

It was a sad weekend. First Portugal lost, then France. Sigh. And now I'm feeling old because all my favourite players are retiring.


And Graeme? Of course I have no self-discipline. It's right there in the Podcaster's Guide -- Rule No. 1, Leave all self-discipline at the door.

Of course Rule No. 2 is ignore the inner critic, so I still have *some* work to do. But the script helped, and allowed me to have a net when I needed it.

I recently found The Cup at a local chain video store, so I know it's more widely available. And I think I've seen some references to an english title for the French film: Shooting Stars? or something like it.

If I'm still around in four years I'll use the recently released Zidane documentary. By then I shall have recovered, I think.


It took a new computer but at last I listened to Episode 2! Hurrah!!
I saw that movie The Cup. I don't know why I found it so fascinating but I've seen as many times as I could find it on my dishnet. As you said, maybe it's the contrast of ancient monks against modern technology and football.

The music was energetic and wonderful, as was your commentary. But I have to say I felt sooo guilty listening. K you sound extremely fragile. Well, not so much when you said Arse , I LOVED that part! Thank you for sharing so much. Take care and mend mend mend!

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