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No, don't beg, it's unseemly. Bribery is acceptable however!
Enjoyed the show but it would have been better in your Tik Tov accent. Grrr.


Graeme -- I do believe bribery is being planned on the part of some CC listeners in order to "convince" you to send the dolls to them. Evidently, the dolls are a hot commodity.

Alas, poor TikTov's voice can only be done in snippets. I'd never be able to sustain that for 30 minutes!

Guenter Wilde

Hi Katherine,

gratulations for getting to host the chub creek dolls :)

I envy you, a lot ;)


I vote that Guenter gets them next. I would say I'd take the boys to a ren faire and let them see those laced up wenches, but alas I won't be able to get there in time.
Thank you Katherine.


The Empire State Buiding. Rockfeller Center. Chinatown. Soho. Yankees game. In the trailer, doing some makeup on an actor. Central Park. Ziegfield Theater. With the cast and crew of Rent. In a taxi cab. On the Brooklyn Bridge.

I think the dolls would enjoy New York, don't you?

; >


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