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Another bollywood that would be a good first for beginners is Bride and Prejudice. The story is familar so you can more enjoy the differences and fun a bollywood movie brings. I tend not to be able to keep the names straight.


Aarlene, Bride and Prejudice is on my To Watch list -- and I think you're right, providing a familiar story makes it easier for the viewer. The film I mentioned, Arjun Pandit, was *really* complicated with the issues of duty to family and good vs evil and whatnot.

I really liked Mehta's film, too, because the western setting helps in the same way as a familiar storyline would.

(Man, you downloaded *that* fast -- Rob only went to the library this afternoon to put the files up!)


Well, I like to check the good stuff. Got the feed thingy. My weather alert thing kept chirping at me today too. It friggin' SNOWED here this evening! UNBELIEVABLE... I can't remember the last time it snowed period much less in APRIL... West Central Louisiana

I just love the way they sing and dance in those movies, and the music too.

I must find a way to get Netflix to see a wider array of movies. Local Blockbuster has only the newest releases, mostly. I also adore Turner Classic Movies. I watch that almost exclusively when I do watch tv. That and the public channel.

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